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Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I look forward to sharing with you some helpful alternative (holistic) health ideas.

Actually, natural health remedies began with me as a little girl growing up on a dairy farm. We used plants such as catnip to help our farm cats recover from illnesses. We grew vegetables in our chemical free organic garden and then canned and froze the foods to carry us into the next growing season.

Our cows and chickens grazed and roamed on the natural grasses that were growing. We ate fresh laid eggs and drank raw milk—yum! Breathing steam from a tea kettle helped our stuffed noses when we were congested. My mother would place light finger pressure onto our foreheads and stroke upward toward the scalp and massage the back of our heads to relieve headaches.

Gails Flower Garden

I did what I call a career extension at the age of 56. I had been working as a nurse for over 30 years and thought what am I going to do with the next 50 years of my life!

After attending workshops on self-healing, expanding the inner self, and the power of touch, what happened for me was truly amazing. A world opened for me that would extend beyond the scope of traditional health practices of western medicine. I believe in incorporating both alternative health and western practices for vital health.

I discovered that the field of Massage Therapy, with all that it had to offer, was what I wanted to pursue.

The massage classes continued self development and inner growth for me. Keeping myself in the present moment, enjoying and being comfortable in the present, continues to be an ongoing journey.

Focusing on being in the present allows me to be calm and appreciative of even the little events of life. I am grateful the sun is shining and my internal battery can be recharged. Just watching the birds fly from my cedar tree to their feeder and sing their harmonious song brings contentment.

Staying in the present moment for me means to be centered and grounded. I like to picture my feet planted into the earth and visualize the energy the earth offers to me.

Having my own massage business has been very rewarding, challenging and allows me to be creative. For me, taking the step from being employed to being my own employer was exciting and somewhat scary. Financially, I had a base because of the retirement monies I would receive monthly.

Outside of that, I desire financial independence and the freedom to decide what hours and days I wanted to devote to doing massage and when to pursue other interests or just play.

My attention and passion are focused on women over 40. This includes researching and teaching alternative health options and offering encouragement to live your dreams and desires. In addition, I will offer strategies for self development as a successful business builder!

Gail scott and eric


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