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Gail's E-News Health Tidbits, Issue #013 Scar Tissue and Massage
April 30, 2012

Scar Tissue and Massage

Welcome to my thirteenth monthly issue of E-News Health Tidbits! I am interested in sharing alternative health information from a variety of sources. I am especially addressing these to women over 40 as I share my own experiences. And, much of the information may apply to any human being or maybe, our pets.

This edition will include:

Scar Tissue and Massage

The results? Peace of Mind, 'Take a Deep Breath'

Thank you for taking this time for yourself.

Hello and welcome to my monthly newsletter. In this newsletter I will address scar tissue and massage therapy. Here's to your natural health!

Welcome to my E-newsletter--Scar Tissue and Massage.


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I was reading through the March 2012 issue of "Massage" magazine and I was interested in an article written by Pete Whitridge discussing Reducing Scar tissue and Stretch Marks which had great information that I wanted to pass along to my readers.

Most of us in our lives will have scars or scar tissue. A scar can be defined as “thick fibrous connective tissue that forms over a healed wound or cut.”

Sometimes scar tissue continues to increase or grow which then could cause adhesions. An adhesion is a thick band of extensive scar tissue that has grown and attaches to other muscles, connective tissue, bone, or other internal organs.

As Pete points out scars tend to be missing a lymph system and blood supply. The lymph system is needed to remove waste products found in the scar tissue while blood flow is needed to bring nutrients and oxygen to the affected area.

Scar tissue and adhesions may restrict movement and make it difficult for nutrients to move through the scarred area to travel and nourish other parts of the body as well.

A “C” section (cesarean section) scar is an example of a scar restricting the blood flow and lymphatic system. Layers of skin, connective tissue, muscle, and organs are cut so the scar runs deep internally and externally.

Another example that Pete used was about a client, who a number of years ago had surgery to repair a collapsed lung and had an 18 inch scar over an area of her ribs.

Even though she exercised and was practicing yoga she still was having discomfort when trying to take deep breaths with certain stretches. As Pete was exploring feelings about her past procedure, her thoughts were that she could rupture or burst the incision site if she pushed herself too vigorously.

Once the post surgical period is over and the affected area is totally healed, moving, stretching, applying healing oils, receiving massage is going to improve movement and blood flow thus returning the scarred area back to functioning normally.

Unfortunately, sometimes people will have an unfounded fear about moving or touching a healed scarred area because the activity would cause it to break open.

This then inhibits people from doing exercise or seeking massage work or applying oils to the area which can soften the tissue and promote blood flow and decrease the formation of adhesions.

Massage therapy for scars includes touching and gently manipulating the scar itself and the surrounding tissue.

This assists the body to establish lymph drainage and blood vessels to form in this area. If this is established, other areas will be better nourished which may have not received adequate blood supply from the thick fibrous tissue of the scar.

I hope this has been helpful and resourceful. Please feel free to add your comments on your experiences with scar tissue.

Thank you again.


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