Romance Yourself!

Welcome to my fifth monthly issue of E-News Health Tidbits! I am interested in sharing alternative health information from a variety of sources. I am especially addressing these to women over 40 as I share my own experiences. And, much of the information may apply to any human being.

This edition will include:

1. Romance Yourself --
A Simple Breathing Technique Just For You

The results? Peace of Mind, 'Take a Deep Breath'

Thank you for taking this time for yourself. Happy Valentine's Day and Celebrate Your Heart, Health Gail

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Romance Yourself - Breathe

Hello and welcome to snow country. It is some weather we have been having nation wide. I felt that at this time of year we may become antsy and sometimes feeling short tempered.

I find by doing some deep breathing or relaxation breaths, this can be soothing and calming.

I want to share a quote from Dr. Weil about breathing:

Breathing is a natural object of meditation. By putting attention on your breath, you will change your state of consciousness, begin to relax, and detach from ordinary awareness.

I am sharing my Breathwork/Relaxation Technique from my website, Gails Alternative Health Community, as a refresher for us all. I hope this finds you all well and my thoughts are that spring is not too far away!

Try this:

Place your left hand on the center of you chest.

2. Place your right hand over your belly button (navel).

Close your eyes, have both feet on the floor and take in a breath through your nose and feel the abdomen and then the chest rise (expand) and hold your breath for 1 or 2 seconds.

4. Slowly release the breath through your mouth and feel your chest and abdomen return to the starting position. Wait 1 or 2 seconds and repeat steps 3 and 4 up to 3 to 5 times.

5. Ahhh--experience a calm and inner peace.

This experience is like watching the rhythm of waves on a lake shore.

Submitted respectfully, and wishing you only peaceful thoughts. Romance yourself and give yourself this gift of breathwork--do it for 21 days and make it a the magic...


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