Welcome to my eleventh monthly issue of E-News Health Tidbits! I am interested in sharing alternative health information from a variety of sources. I am especially addressing these to women over 40 as I share my own experiences. And, much of the information may apply to any human being or maybe, our pets.

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The results? Peace of Mind, 'Take a Deep Breath'

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Hello and welcome to my newsletter. I want to wish you all a great 2012. Could we make 2012 a year of great change?

Learning how to meditate would enhance your inner calm, peace, and relaxation. Is there a meditation technique that you feel would work best for you?

Welcome to my E-newsletter for Meditation.


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Learning how to meditate would enhance your inner calm, peace, and relaxation. Is there a meditation technique that you feel would work best for you?

Could we make 2012 a year of great change? I put that in the context of how we can bring about a stronger connection for peace, joy, and love for ourselves, the environment, and the animal species of our world.

I am including some thoughts from Elena Brower. She suggests and shares an audio on how to meditate and connect to trust within ourselves. The connection that could take us to a higher level of consciousness is both healing and balances our energy rhythms.

Ok, be comfortable, plant your feet on the floor or sit in a cross legged pose or whatever way is comfortable and take a deep breath or two.

Click on the link below to hear Elena Brower guide you through a 3-4 minute meditation and relaxation technique:

Elena Brower Meditation

After hearing Elena take you through this meditation exercise how do you feel?

An article in the January 2012 Issue of Yoga Journal discusses how difficult it may be to experience “the act of residing in a deep state of concentration, uninterrupted by thoughts--which is what meditation is--is sometimes challenging.”

The article goes on to say the right meditation techniques gives the mind one object or single thought to put our attention on.

This could be a sound, a visual image, or just our rhythmic breathing with walking.

“A meditation technique gives your mind a simple, repetitive task that will ultimately slow down the minds movements and lull it into a calm and even state.”

I invite you to go to my Meditation Techniques page for more details about three meditation techniques and how to meditate using each one. Please click on my link below:

Meditation Techniques

Perhaps a goal for a meditation practice is to come to that present moment within where there is quietness, a peace, a feeling of joy, and acceptance of yourself. There is no fear or shame or guilt allowed.

I will close this newsletter with a visualization meditation technique called, “Take your Practice to the Garden,” by Kelle Walsh and Kate Vogt.

Please click on the link below for the visualization:

Take Your Practice To The Garden

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