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1. Notice The Spring From Organic Foods - Yum, Yum

The results? Peace of Mind, 'Take a Deep Breath'

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Hello and Welcome to my Spring newsletter. Spring is upon us and fresh garden produce will be available again. I am so appreciative of that.

Organic foods, grass-fed vs. commercial fed. How Do I Decide?

This is an ongoing dilemma for all of us. On my website I stress the importance of choosing some organic foods over non-organic foods, and if you are a meat eater, choosing grass-fed (pastured) products to commercially fed meat.

See my link to “Healthy Foods”

Commercially fed or large corporate farms use feed lots. Genetically altered feed, growth hormones, and antibiotics are given to these animals. This, in turn, is taken in by humans or our pets in some commercial pet food products.

The majority of GMO crops have been genetically modified or produced to withstand spraying with herbicides, “such as Monsanto’s Roundup. Its active toxic ingredient, GLYPHOSATE, is systemically transported throughout the plant and into our environment and food chain.”

According to Don Huber, Ph.D., a plant pathologist and professor emeritus at Purdue University, “there has never been such extensive use of one herbicide.”

“The main reason for making genetically engineered (GE) crops is to sell more pesticides, explains Warren Porter, Ph.D., a biologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We can count on GE foods having higher concentrations of pesticides.”

Huber and Porter explain “that glyphosate disrupts the soil’s complex microbiological system, critical for delivering micronutrients to plants. This increases the plants’ susceptibility to diseases and reduces the nutritional quality of food crops.”

Farmers were told how GE seeds would give them higher yields and less weeds to contend with. According to the Organic Center, nationwide pesticide use has increased by more than “300 million pounds in the first 13 years. The Union of Concerned Scientists reports that claims for higher yields have fallen short.”

“New super weeds have developed resistance to glyphosate and more toxic chemicals like 2,4-D are being used.”

There is hope and some positive actions we can do as consumers:

l. It is up to all of us as consumers to be informed and demand non-GMO and organic foods.

2. Read ingredient labels. Reject products likely to contain GMO’s.

These include dextrose, cornstarch, corn syrup, soy lecithin, canola and cottonseed oils, and sugar from sugar beets. Unless soy and canola are listed as non-GMO they are likely to have been modified.

3. Call or write to our government officials, state representatives, and food manufacturers. Demand GMO labeling and voice opposition to GMO crops.

4. Support your local growers, local farmers’ markets, and maybe grow some foods using organic seeds yourself.

Here are some helpful resources:

A. Center for Food Safety:

B. The Organic Center:

C. American Academy of Environmental Medicines Genetically Modified Food Position Paper:

My thanks to Melinda Hemmelgarn, registered dietician and award winning writer and radio host based in Columbia, MO. For sharing this information packed action alert.

Thank you and good and safe eating to all of you and your pets!!!

"Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Let Your Medicine Be Your Food" Hippocrates

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