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Welcome to my second monthly issue of E-News Health Tidbits! I am interested in sharing health information from a variety of sources. I am especially addressing these to women over 40, however, the information may apply to anyone.

In this issue, I will talk about the benefits of Massage for Menopause.

And, take a look at Dr. Andrew Weil's recommendation of "Yoga for the Blues". Yoga is also a very beneficial tool for peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

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Is the practice of massage beneficial for women transitioning into the menopausal stage of life? A recent article in my Sept. issue of Massage Magazine addresses this in detail.

Symptoms of menopause are many and varied. Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, heart palpitations, weight changes, dry skin, circulation changes are a few of the symptoms that women may experience.

This can be a time when the middle age years create simultaneous caring for children and aging parents. With this increased responsibility, there is enormous stress and the bodily changes continue to occur and it seems there is less time available for women to take care of themselves.

These menopausal symptoms affect women emotionally, physically, and mentally. One of the symptoms is stress. Stress may increase menopausal symptoms.

Stress is known to be reduced with massage. Therefore, if stress is reduced, the menopausal symptoms decrease as well. A sense of well being could be the result. A calm and relaxed state to deal with stress-causing situations is returned to that woman.

During a massage session a time for being able to confide in a trusted person while experiencing stress reduction with healing touch is mentally and emotionally therapeutic. Having the freedom to discuss why tears may fall for “no apparent reason” can be a welcome and mind-freeing discussion.

Light massage and/or lymphatic massage can assist the body with toxin removal. Hot flashes as well as other symptoms are due to toxin build up in the body. Massage aids the endocrine system and the liver (which is part of the endocrine system) plays a huge role in eliminating the build up of toxins.

Massage therapy improves overall circulation. Some women develop varicose veins with menopause and massage would help to improve this condition.

There are many benefits to massage or healing touch but I specifically wanted to address the menopausal time for women with this month’s e-zine tidbit.

Thank you, Gail

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I want to share with my most-informed readers an article from Dr. Andrew Weil which may be helpful if your mood is down, or you need revitalization, and/or relaxation. He delivers such a great explanation that I wanted to pass it along. Please let me know if you have any questions.

A Yoga Pose for the Blues

If you experience headaches, fatigue or mild depression, this yoga pose could help. The wide-legged forward bend, also known as Prasarita Padottanasana I (meaning "stretched out," or "with outstretched limbs"), reputedly has many benefits, including therapeutic use for headache, lack of energy and poor mood. When done with proper form for the recommended amount of time, this pose can:

1. Strengthen and stretch the legs and the spine

2. Tone the abdominal organs

3. Calm the mind

4. Relieve mild backache

To learn more about this pose - including simple instruction and variations, click on Dr. Weil's website, Dr. Weil's article on Yoga and the Blues

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