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Welcome to my first monthly issue of E-News Health Tidbits! I am interested in sharing health information from a variety of sources. I am especially addressing these to women over 40, however, the information may apply to anyone.

In this issue, I will talk about my experience with Heart Health and Hypothyroidism.

And, take a look at Dr. Andrew Weil's recommended list for purchasing organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables.

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Since I recently experienced unexpected heart health problems and low thyroid function (hypothyroid), I was curious how many people are unaware about the signs and symptoms of heart and thyroid problems.

Click on the link for natural remedies about information I found helpful for identifying low thyroid function issues. Natural Remedies-Hypothyroid

In my heart health story I talk about eating organic foods because of exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and other chemical modifications performed on foods which are not organic.

Sometimes these foods may be too costly or unavailable for you. Personally I try to follow the advise and information from reliable sources.

One of my sources is Dr. Weil’s website. As a good review, always wash thoroughly any fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking for dirt and bacteria removal.

Dr. Weil sites the Environmental Working Group for the following lists.

If you have to choose between organic or non-organic fruits and vegetables due to availability or cost, Dr Weil’s research divides them into 2 groups:

List 1. These are fruits and vegetables least likely to be contaminated with pesticides and ok to purchase non-organic.

A. Onions
B. Avocados
C. Sweet corn
D. Pineapples
E. Mangos
F. Asparagus
G. Sweet peas
H. Kiwi
I. Cabbage
J. Eggplant
K. Papaya
L. Watermelon
M. Broccoli
N. Tomatoes
O. Sweet potatoes

List 2. These are fruits and vegetables which may have pesticide contamination and to purchase only organically grown. If you are unable to purchase the following organically, eat more of the fruits and vegetables from List 1.

A. Celery
B. Peaches
C. Strawberries
D. Apples
E. Blueberries (Domestic)
F. Nectarines
G. Sweet Bell Peppers
H. Spinach
I. Collard Greens/Kale
J. Cherries
K. Potatoes
L. Grapes (Imported)

From Dr. Weil: To learn more about EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides visit

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