Why Network Marketing?

I was in the E quadrant, according to Robert Kayosaki, (See the video below from Robert Kayosaki for more information.) for many years working as a nurse. It was a 'safe, secure job with benefits, and paid holidays.'

This employment (E) allowed me the opportunity to pursue my S-Quadrant dream of having my own massage business.

The E-Quadrant had a retirement system in place. In addition, I had been placing money out of my paycheck into a tax-deferred savings plan as well. I also had accumulated sick time to be used to pay for health insurance premiums.

As a Massage Therapist and owning my own business, this puts me in the S-Quadrant according to Robert Kayosaki and I make money when I work. There are certainly pros and cons to owning your own business.

Robert Kiyosaki states, “To be truly financially independent is to expand to the B quadrant to either a large number of employees or to be an owner of a large network marketing business.”

Having a large number of employees is not applicable to all of us if our interest is having a smaller business strategy.

The next step is to move to the I or Investor quadrant. He uses several steps and examples in his book, “The Business School For People Who Like Helping People,” on how to achieve this depending on what your goals or intentions for yourself are in your life.

Building and owning a network or a system according to Robert Kiyosaki is being your own employer within the B-Quadrant. He uses the cash flow quadrant to demonstrate this. A cash flow business for people who want to be wealth builders.

Please see the video below as Robert Kayosaki explains the Cash Flow Quadrant.

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Wealth Builders

I will share with you where I am currently in my wealth building. My business is a positive cash flow business and I am able to make money from home.

I am also expanding to the B-Side as I am doing my network marketing and affiliate marketing by building my internet marketing business website with Site Build It (SBI). (Please see the video below regarding SBI.)

I am using the tools that SBI provides which offers a simple, step by step approach on website building that will provide me with residual income. This website is based on my life experiences, passions, and knowledge.

Is there a passion that you would like to share with the world and make money at home at the same time?

As Robert Kayosaki says, "Work smart and have an automated system bring you time-free automated cash."

Also a very dear friend, Rudi Baker-Jambretz, assists me with computer technology which is a bonus for me.

We all have dreams and we all have activities we love to do. This is the most important value to realize within ourselves. Take that desire or dream and plan it out and DO IT. It could bring you much joy and contentment with no regrets and a feeling of satisfaction.

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“The Business School For People Who Like Helping People”, by Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (let me know if you would like the free e-book)

Solo Build It

Marketing Training with Tahitian Noni International

Renegade University (I have learned a lot about the new wave of Network Marketing through this online university.)

Renegade University