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Pet Remedies

In this section about pet remedies I will be addressing:

Pet allergies

Herbs and flower remedies

Home remedies

Osteopathy and chiropractic

Mental and Emotional therapies

Holistic Practice for pets

Pet Allergies

It seems that allergies or sensitivities top the list of pet health issues. Symptoms may include: Itchy, irritated skin, stomach and intestinal irritation (colitis), hay fever, coughing, asthma, diarrhea, and vomiting. Some conventional recommendations include anti-histamines such as benadryl, which can have many side effects.

According to Dr. Fogle, “many holistic vets believe that problems in the gastrointestinal system are at the root of increased allergies.

The holistic vets feel that modern diets lead to a leaky gut. Healthy foods and undisturbed gut bacteria (flora) are at the root of many complementary therapies.

Holistic vets feel that dogs may consume over 100 synthetic chemicals in their food and water each day.” It is possible that any one of these may challenge a healthy immune system.

Some pet remedies would be to only give filtered tap water, avoid commercial foods, and give antioxidant supplements.

Avoiding commercial diets for many of us may not be practical. There are very good commercial food products for out pets, but we have to be label readers.

Click Here for my page on Alternative Pet Health for more info. about commercial foods

I have found one called California Naturals to benefit my pets’ health. The ingredients are of high quality standards.

I consulted with a small retailer, researched the food ingredients, and observed how my dogs reacted to the food, which was very positive.

My dogs’ pet health which included skin irritations have improved. Besides the commercial food I feed them organic cooked eggs, organic raw beef, and low grains.

I also include steamed vegetables which include carrots, beans, cauliflower, cooked potatoes, or broccoli.

I also give them filtered water to drink, the same as I drink.


The supplements I chose to use, I have categorized with natural pet remedies. “These support the immune system, provide good eye health, aid to improve skin conditions, and assist in joint health“.

The supplements are: Spirugreen--Dr. Becker with, Green dog naturals, and Tahitian Noni Juice. Gail

Gail Harley and Buzz

Another example of a natural remedy was with my lab retriever, Buzz, 5 years ago. He had an allergy which affected his gastrointestinal system. He had chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss.

With conventional medicine I added Tahitian Noni juice to his diet because he was not improving on the conventional medicine alone. His gut calmed and I could decrease the conventional medicine significantly.

Whenever his bowel symptoms returned, usually in the spring, I increased the Tahitian Noni juice and his gut would return to normal within a day or two. I used only a tablet or 2 of the conventional medicine.

I would return to the regular serving of Noni juice then.


The pet remedies of herbs may contain some of the same chemicals as traditional drugs. The herbs have not been processed to a single component like the traditional drugs.

An example of this natural remedy is willow bark. It contains a chemical similar to aspirin, but contains other natural and safe elements to protect against developing gastric ulcers, a major side effect of aspirin.

The following list is some natural health pet remedies for helping absorption of the small intestine:

1. Fennel seed and cumin root

2. Turmeric root--is anti-inflammatory and aids protein digestion.

3. Echinacea--boosts the immune system

4. Oil of pepperment--clears nasal congestion

From the book, “Natural Dog Care” here is a suggestion for a herbal home care kit for alternative pet health.

Some herbs are safe and effective for minor accidents and illnesses. These can be found at most pharmacies and herbal shops.

1. Comfrey--soothing and healing.

2. Lavender--used as an antiseptic and is calming for the pet

3. Pot marigold---used to soothe inflamed skin

4. Garlic--given for mild infections, upper respiratory conditions and digestive disorders.

5. Echinacea--acts as a natural antibiotic and supports the immune system.

6. Tahitian noni beverage--soothes the digestive system, used for skin irritation (place directly on irritated areas).

To ensure safe pet health when purchasing herbs in bulk form, know your supplier. Climate, soil conditions, and fertilizers used affect the quality of the herb.

Check for freshness. Fresh herbs smell fresh. Store them away from heat and light and in a glass container for longer shelf life.

A word about a natural remedy for pets with aromatherapy or the power of scents. These are absorbed by the mucous membranes in the pet’s nose.

Flower essences are used for soothing and calming nervous pets. Either squirt the essence in the water bowl, air, or place a few drops on the bridge of the nose or the foot pads where it can be licked.

I have used lavender essential oils with my pets. It provides a wonderful calming effect. I place a drop near or behind their ears and/or a few drops on their bedding.

This section of natural home pet remedies came from a variety of sources. I will cover some more common problems.

A strong immune or defense system is essential. “Diet, stress, and exercise play the biggest roles in determining whether pets get sick or stay healthy.”

Many puppies are born with intestinal worms or get them soon after birth.

l. Add garlic to your animals food. This may kill worms. Garlic helps to clean and tone the intestinal tract.

2. Spices like cayenne pepper and hot pepper sauces like Tabasco will help to eliminate worms.

More preventative pet remedies for alternative pet health:

l. Wood tick repellent--a combination of cedar wood and citronella essential oils. Place on your pet’s legs and belly before going outside.

I happen to use a natural remedy from Dr. Becker from It contains lemon grass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil, and castor oil.

2. Sweet potatoes and sometimes pumpkin helps to stop loose stools and minor diarrhea problems.

3. Sunburn--noses on dogs and ears on cats--use aloe vera and Vitamin E capsules.

4. Pets with inflammatory bowel diseases often have painful intestinal spasms. Use oil of basil, oil of chamonile, thyme and peppermint. These decrease spasms.

5. Ear infections--keep ears clean and free of yeast. Mix white vinegar plus aloe vera. There is a prescription product--alocetic.

6. Give Vitamin C to pet dogs--it stimulates adrenal glands to fight off infections.

7. Oatmeal--calms itchy skin or insect bites. Fill a cotton sock with oatmeal and run water through it.

8. Oils--olive and safflower oils can be used to treat small areas of dryness and irritation.

9. Yogurt--helps to stop diarrhea and helps aid the digestive tract to work more effectively.

10. Stopping infections--soap and water and aloe vera juice.

11. Saline solution--same solution for cleaning contacts. Use for flushing eyes, ears, and rinsing wounds. This doesn’t sting (similar to body’s natural fluids).

12. Here are some words of wisdom I found and wanted to share for the best natural health remedy.

“Heal with your heart. Animals have enormous powers of intuition. Angry, aggressive pets are often insecure. Help them to feel better by giving them some of your energy or life force.

First focus your own energy which we can do by saying, ‘I am rooted like a tree’--discard all your worries for a moment and allow your mind and body to fill with love (balance). Move your hands over your pet where it feels right--head to tail.”

Osteopathy and Chiropractic

A brief paragraph about another natural health remedy which is osteopathy and chiropractic. These practices work with the backbone and spinal column to aid in having the skeletal system function smoothly.

Mental and Emotional Therapies

Mental and emotional therapies are also part of pet remedies. Exercise and playing are key for a pet to not be stressed and to achieve a calm state.

A. “While a dog is still a pup--teach it to amuse itself so that later in life the dog will not become stressed when the owner needs to be away.”

B. Relaxation is rewarded. Stroking and soft, kind words. The human being is in a calm relaxed state of mind, as well.

C. Exercise--oxygenates and strengthens the brain and muscles and releases built-up energy.

D. Sleep--“should be uninterrupted--dogs need at least 12 hours. If deprived of (REM-rapid eye movement) and dream state, and non--REM or dream state, the pet may become confused and forget training.”

Baxter Sleeping

Holistic Practice

“Veterinarians who are holistic or practice traditional and natural health remedies look at physical and emotional problems as pieces of a larger puzzle.

Holistic vets take into consideration the animal’s personality and the environment and lifestyle. The holistic view of why animals get sick is rarely caused by something as obvious as a weak joint.

Something happened that allowed external factors to cause illness.

The pet’s body has natural healing powers and wants to be healthy.”

Another important element with holistic pet health is speaking about the pet’s energy flow.

The energy flow is where the practice of Reiki comes in. “Reiki is a natural technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It is based on the concept that ‘life force energy’ flows through us and around us.

If our life force energy becomes low or out of balance, we are more likely to become sick or feel stressed. Because Reiki treats the whole being, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, it offers many beneficial effects, including relaxation and a feeling of security and harmony.”

Holistic veterinarians will include herbs, diet, massage, acupuncture, and other natural remedies or treatments to boost the pet’s immune system to heal.

In conclusion of this section of natural health remedies and home remedies here are some combined thoughts.

Traditional medicine is good at treating the symptoms of conditions like infections, diabetes, and thyroid disease for example.

Conventional drugs or treatments aren’t perfect solutions. This is where natural pet remedies--medicines or holistic care, enters. Treating underlying causes of illnesses is the focus.

Many of the natural herbs or remedies can relieve symptoms without the side effects of traditional drug therapies.

Assisting pets in healing themselves is the goal.

For some pets, a combination of natural remedies and traditional therapies works best.

Here's to your pet's health, naturally,


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