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My early childhood memories take me back to the dairy farm in south eastern Wisconsin. We raised Holstein cows, pigs, chickens, and ducks. We always had cats and dogs as pets.

I have two older brothers, one of which continues to operate the farm along with his son.

We had our organic vegetable garden. My mother and grandmother made bread, noodles, and all other baked items with the grain we grew. We took our grain to the mill and it was ground into whole grain flour.

We used organic fertilizer directly from the cows who were pastured. Chickens were able to roam and eat fresh grass as well as feeding on the grain we grew.

I mention all of this because of how important and vital eating whole organic food is for us. Foods having less amounts of pesticides and fertilizers are also healthier.

There is documentation how eating whole organic foods could eliminate many illnesses in humans. In my heart health page I talk about these very important concerns.

Wisconsin farmland Stream

I will bring you back to the picture of the farm setting I grew up on now.

There is a small winding river that flows through the farm property which leads to a wooded area. We would tap the maple trees from this wooded area in the Spring to make maple syrup.

Many times I would walk a dirt lane back to the woods with my pet dog. We would spend quiet time sitting on a mound of rocks next to the river and watch fish jump.

Sometimes I would pick a bouquet of spring flowers to take home to my mother and grandmother.

I believe that nursing and massage began early in my life. I used my doll baby bottles to feed orphaned puppies. Their mother died during their birth. I was about 9 years old then.

My nursing career took me from the hospital setting for a few years to the public health setting. I gained an appreciation about how families are able to cope and handle with different life challenges. I am grateful for that opportunity.

Gail and Scott

During the summers I was able to spend time travelling to the mountains and/or the ocean regions.

The serenity of the mountains and being a part of the magnificent beauty and power I saw and felt is what I remember. Taking mountain hikes or ocean walks and listening to the sound of the waves is such a calming experience. I believe this was a part of a meditation practice early in my life.

I have 2 sons who are now 30 and 27 years old, Eric and Scott. They currently live in Taiwan teaching English. They have a flavor for travel and have traveled much of Asia.

They have experienced meeting different populations of people as well as the diverse landscape that each region has to offer. They are quite proficient in speaking Mandarin Chinese which helps me greatly when I visit. I know a few words and am trying to increase my vocabulary.

My youngest son had the opportunity to spend a summer in Africa and a semester in China while a student in college. I met him along with my older son in southern China at the end of the semester. What a beautiful place.

As I was approaching my late 40’s and early 50’s, I felt I needed and wanted to explore and develop my spirituality.

I took workshops on self growth that included eastern philosophies. This was very enlightening for me. This is when I decided to explore the power of touch through massage therapy.

I decided that I wanted to have my own business with massage therapy after completing massage school. My sons would tease me about studying too much but they were also very supportive.

I needed to remind them a few more repetitions of the book material was needed for my maturing brain and retention of information.

Setting up my home for my business was fun. I had a lab-retriever who decided he wanted to be part of the massage room atmosphere. He would enter the room and check the energy, take a deep breath, lie down, and have this wonderful calm energy to offer.

When Buzz, my lab-retriever passed, my beagle, Harley decided to take over that role of massage room dog. He does a grand job just like his buddy did.

As of this writing, my beagle and I have added a new yellow lab puppy to our home. His name is Baxter. He is just 8 weeks old and so very sweet.

I hope this background helps you to get to know me better and thank you for visiting my website.

Gail Merkel and Baxter

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