Canine Supplements

Why Canine Supplements?

Good nutrition is essential in good pet care. Sometimes whole canine supplements are needed even with good healthy foods being fed to our pets.

I am going to focus on canine supplements in this section because I have 2 dogs of my own.

I use a combination of a commercial brand dog food called California Natural, plus natural and organic beef, chicken, or fish. I will include a variety of fresh or frozen natural or organic vegetables too.

I also add a whole food vitamin supplement. It is called Green Dog Naturals. They are 100% pure and natural and 65% organic and grain free.

One vitamin supplement is specific for joints. The ingredients are glucosamine HCL (shellfish), organic algae meal and organic alfalfa. The herbs are meadowswelt, ginger, turmeric, and bromelain, organic flax, and an ocean source omega blend.

What Do The Vets. Say?

Let's look at what some veterinarians say about canine supplements for dogs, who focus on natural healing and healthy food.

Dr. Bruce Fogle addresses canine supplements. He lists the optimum minerals and canine supplements:

Minerals and Canine Supplements needed for a dog’s metabolism to function:

1) Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, & K. These enter the dog’s body with dietary fat and are stored in the liver. Sources of Vitamin A are: fish oils, milk, egg yolk, livers of other animals.

2) Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E benefits the heart, vascular and neurological systems.

3) Vitamin K helps to clot blood. Normal bacteria in a dog’s gut produces some of the Vitamin K.

4) Water soluble vitamins:

A. Vitamin B12 is produced in a dog’s gut.

B. Folic acid or vitamin C assists in nervous system function and protection of the stomach lining. Vitamin C is made from glucose in the dog’s liver.

5) Minerals:

A. Calcium and Phosphorous--these are essential for bone growth and healthy bone structure. These also maintain a healthy nervous system and allow muscles to work effectively. [a meat-only diet is low in calcium and may lead to swollen and painful joints]

B. Selenium--needed for healthy overall body tissue, helps to maintain immune system, and aids in stopping cancer cells.

C. Copper--is stored in the liver. Copper plus iron carries oxygen through the body.

D. Zinc--is needed for skin health, helps the immune system, and makes the taste buds work effectively.

E. Iodine--is needed for thyroid function.

6) Essential fatty acids(EFA) or omega 6 & 3. These control allergies, arthritis, inflammation, heart disease, auto-immune illnesses, kidney and nervous system function, skin disorders, and cancer cells.

Dr. Fogle notes that when or if you use canine supplements, use one that contains many of the needed vitamins and minerals. Too much of one vitamin or one mineral could reduce the gut from absorbing other needed vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Fogle lists the following foods to avoid: Tofu and other bean products. These may increase a bloating tendency. Avoid cows milk or give a lactose-free milk. Avoid soft, moist foods in plastic bags that don’t need refrigeration. These tend to be high in sugar and artificial ingredients. Give less fat and no sugar and no artificial anything.

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Pet Remedies


1. “Natural Dog Care” by Dr. Bruce Fogle

2. “Natural Pet Cures” by Dr. John Heinerman

3. “New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats”

Online resources: “Dog Whisperer”--Cesar Millan and Dr. Becker from

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