Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan -- Dog Whisperer

I may have been using some Cesar Millan techniques for dog training as I was growing up with our farm pets without even being aware of it.

Cesar always states “be firm, calm and assertive and communicate to your dog what you want your dog to do with your energy or intentions.”

Here is an example of what Cesar uses. If you don’t want your dog to jump up on people, picture that intention in your mind and use calm energy to convey that unspoken message. Sometimes a hand gesture is helpful.

Another natural remedy Cesar uses is to form his hand in a claw position, like a mother dog’s nip to her puppy, on the flank of the dog to gain its attention and redirect the dog’s action.

My Experience On The Farm

My unknown Cesar Millan training from my farm experience is as follows:

We had a long driveway which ended by a very busy highway. Our mailbox was across that highway. Cesar Millan wasn’t even born yet, but with my “dog training” I was using his natural remedy to teach my dog to stay and not cross the highway.

I made my dog walk with me to the road and I would turn and face him. With a hand gesture and a firm “ stay” I waited until he sat. I waited for a period of time, would put my hand up, and put an intention in my mind of “stay”. Then the reward of “good dog” and a hug was given. The hug was a massage stroke.

This exercise took repetition and reminding for my dog, but it worked.

Harley Gail Merkel's dog

Real-Life Cesar Millan Experience

Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, actually came into my life as an adult. I adopted my beagle, Harley, 5 years ago. He would bristle at the scent and sight of another dog. I would find myself tightening the leash and pull hard with anxiety and tenseness in my arms and body.

Of course, this would only add to Harley’s excitement and soon we both would be off the charts of anxiety. I was very frustrated.

A neighbor suggested watching the dog whisperer.

I began listening to the dog whisperer show which was on the National Geographic Channel. He continued using the terms “calm and assertive” and “exercise, discipline, and then reward”.

He stressed how the human needs to be the pack leader and not vice versa. He would stress how there must be respect and trust between the pet and the human. All of what he was saying I place in natural remedies for working with our pets.

A famous quote of Cesar Millan’s is “ I train people and rehabilitate dogs”.

I learned from the dog whisperer to identify the first signs of assertive dog behavior. The behaviors I looked for were eye contact from dog to dog, body language, ears up or down, and if the head was high or down low toward the ground.

What was most important for me was knowing how my intense energy only fed into Harley’s energy. This was a huge awakening for me.

The natural remedy when I would notice assertive behavior was to give a quick tug on the leash and release of the leash and a sound to redirect his focus.

I needed to remain calm and continue to walk forward and lead the walk to show I was the pack leader.

Cesar’s dog training techniques really work, but consistency is the key. The consistency for me is constant even after a few years, however, I have a much calmer dog. I am proud to be the pack leader.

Cesar's Solutions

Cesar Millan has many books and tapes available. I found his book, “Cesar’s Way” to be very helpful. It was a good start for me. After reading his book I termed his techniques natural remedies because of what his experiences were growing up and what he relates about his knowledge of animals.

I also learned having a dog in the city brings different responsibilities for the owner compared to the farm life of a pet. Leashes alone create certain behaviors in pets as well.

Cesar stresses how important it is to have a balanced dog. This means the dog is learning all the time. Our pets are taking in information from their surroundings and from the humans they live with. We are their world.

He also stresses how important it is to “ earn your dog’s trust, respect, and loyalty. Then your dog will look to you for protection and direction.”

The dog whisperer, will also use and recommend other natural remedies such as animal massage, and acupuncture.

Being a massage therapist myself I guess I would say I use massage quite a bit on my dogs. I have a new 9 month old lab puppy weighing in at over 70 plus pounds.

He needs exercise always first in the morning, and then we work on behavior or discipline because then he is calm. His reward is complete with a belly rub and shoulder massage. He loves his food, of course, and a chew bone to top off his morning.

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