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My home based business involves a massage therapy business plan that allows me to make money from home. Being a small business website builder offers more success for a home based business. This also allows me to have on-going income coming to me from my very own website, twenty-four hours/day.

A decision to add a new career at the age of 55 was scary and yet refreshing for me. I had been employed as a nurse for over 35 years. I found that some of the healing touch element of what nursing began with as a new graduate of nursing seemed to be lost. I missed that component.

When a healing touch is used on someone, there is a level of comfort and calmness and healing that seems to take place. When that happens, it is gratifying and rewarding in a humbling way.

Learning To Be Your Own Boss

Leaving a safe employer and becoming self employed and desiring to do a home based business took some planning and courage.

First, I had my employer share with me my financial retirement options. I would be able to receive retirement funds which would cover my mortgage and utility expenses. At age 57 and a 1/2, I could begin to receive those financial benefits. I would use accumulated sick time to pay health insurance premiums for about 6 years.

My next step was choosing a massage school. Evening and weekend classes worked into my work schedule. I was able to use vacation time for the later afternoon classes.

Then I decided to build my massage business for a year while working my regular job to see what it took to have a home based business. I wanted to be self employed and make money from home with a successful massage therapy business.

Deciding to make my oldest son’s bedroom into a massage room seemed to be the right location. Clients would enter the front hallway and be able to go directly to the massage room. There was a bathroom near the massage room as well.

With a home based business there are certain tax deductions which I am able to use. I conferred with my tax advisor about this aspect for accuracy.

Advertising is of course important. How will people know that I have a massage therapy business?

I had business cards printed and did advertising through my neighborhood association's newsletter and a local newspaper.

I placed a small ad in the business section of the telephone directory, too.

Offering a reduced cost with the first massage was a helpful tool to promote business.

Through my massage school there were opportunities to volunteer massage services at events asking for massage services. At these events I could hand out business cards.

This was a great time to begin networking with other body- workers and other businesses relating to healing modalities.

Gail in her massage therapy room

Internet Marketing

Networking or network marketing offers the opportunity to meet people who are also self employed with a home based business. We can share ideas on successes and pitfalls, as well as coordinate services.

Within a year my massage therapy business plan was generating a cash flow---I was making money from home with my home based business.

The next step seemed logical. Looking at internet marketing was the next step.

People look online for services more frequently than with the yellow pages of a telephone book.

A dear friend who is skilled with computer technology worked with me to build and design a beginning website after working as a therapist for a year and a half.

After another year, the growth with internet marketing was increasing enormously.

This is when, with the involvement of other like minded business entrepreneurs, I joined with SBI or Solo Build It and Renegade University. I entered into the world of being a small business website builder.

This expanded my massage therapy business plan into another realm. My dream of being self employed and building my own business has now developed even further with expansion of the internet.

The SBI plan offers a step by step method on how to build a successful business or businesses with the internet. My friend, Rudi, who is wonderful with computer technology, has been instrumental in assisting me once again.

Solo Build It!

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