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Meditation Techniques

Welcome to this meditation techniques page. I will also be including how to meditate. There are many ways to meditate and many meditation techniques. I just address a few techniques that I have used in my life.

Including a meditation technique for yourself is unique to you. Relaxation techniques include a focus with breath work. Deep diaphragmatic breathing of inhalations and exhalations is a primary focus for relaxation techniques.

Could we make 2012 a year of great change? I put that in the context of how we can bring about a stronger connection for peace, joy, and love for ourselves, the environment, and the animal species of our world.

I begin by including some thoughts from Elena Brower. She suggests and shares an audio on how to meditate and connect to trust within ourselves. The connection that could take us to a higher level of consciousness is both healing and balances our energy rhythms.

Ok, be comfortable, plant your feet on the floor or sit in a cross-legged pose or whatever way is comfortable and take a deep breath or two.

click on the link to hear Elena Brower guide you through a 3-4 minute meditation and relaxation technique.

Click here for Elena's Meditation


After hearing Elena take us through this meditation exercise how do you feel?

An article in the January 2012 issue of Yoga Journal discusses how difficult it may be to experience “the act of residing in a deep state of concentration, uninterrupted by thoughts--which is what meditation is--is sometimes challenging.”

The article goes on to say the right meditation techniques gives the mind one object or single thought to put our attention on. This could be a sound, a visual image, or just our rhythmic breathing with walking.

“A meditation technique gives your mind a simple, repetitive task that will ultimately slow down the minds movements and lull it into a calm and even state.”

3 Meditation Techniques

Three meditation techniques will be described and how to meditate with each one. These can also be called relaxation techniques.

l. Visualization----visualizations can involve focusing on something such as being on a mountain top overlooking a valley below or a clear blue sky above.

Perhaps visualizing a sunset over a lake or ocean and watching the changing colors of the sunset.

The visualization should be soothing and relaxing for you so that you can be in the present moment.

A definition of the present moment as defined by Cheryl Hitchcock means, “ you’re not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday or what you’re going to do in an hour.

It also means being with your thoughts and watching them like an observer without judgment.”

1a. The visual meditation example comes from Kelle Walsh and Kate Vogt called, "Take Your Practice to the Garden."

Please click on the link below:

Take Your Practice To The Garden

2. Mantra or sound meditation---Richard Rosen, a Yoga Journal contributing editor, and the author of many yoga books describes sound meditation. “It is an instrument of concentrated thought. Chanting a mantra or sound can remind us that the individual self and the universal self are in some way identical.”

Any sound, word, or full sentence that has meaning for you is what is important.

Om is considered the “root mantra” and is used quite often in the mantra meditation technique.

If mantra meditation resonates for you, then this will work better for quieting the mind to a relaxed and peaceful place.

2a. How to meditate with a mantra meditation technique. The example from the Yoga Journal uses the sound of the breath as a focus point.

As you sit or lie quietly focus and listen to your breath. Mentally or consciously hear the “sa” of inhalation and “ha” sound with exhalation.

After a few minutes doing this eventually this sound practice will make you more aware of your inward self. The busy mind will slow and become calmer.

3.“Meditation in Motion or Walking Meditation.” For some people “moving” is more calming and relaxing than sitting quietly and focusing on a sound or trying to use visualization meditation techniques.

Paul Weitz, teaches yoga and Thai massage in Chicago states, “you can track your movement through space as a way of staying present moment to moment.”

Sometimes people find as their feet touch the ground as they are walking they become more grounded or one with the earth.

3a. How to meditate with mindful walking:This can be done in the comfort of your home or outside.“Keep your arms relaxed at your sides and focus your eyes about 5 or 6 feet in front of you. Bring your attention to your feet and legs as you slowly lift one foot up and one foot down connecting with the walking surface or earth.

If you become distracted mentally say “thinking” and come back to your feet and legs. You can also just stop walking, re-focus and begin again or just stop. Acknowledge the distractions and continue again or simply turn around and mentally note that you are turning.”

Then allow yourself to be accepting of the calm and peace for this time.

Here is a link to the Yoga Journal for this article:

Click Here For The Yoga Journal Article

Meditation techniques, relaxation techniques, and how to meditate take patience and repetition. Be kind to yourself as numerous thoughts continue to bog your mind when you are trying to quiet it.

As Cheryl Hitchcock states, “the idea is not to fight these thoughts or criticize yourself for having them, but to accept each thought in a detached way and watch it pass by. You’re simply accepting the moment (and the thought) like an observer.”

Perhaps a goal for meditation is to come to that present moment within where there is quietness, a peace, a feeling of joy, and acceptance of ourselves. There is no fear or shame or guilt allowed.

The link below is to Yoga Journal with an article on the Cobra Pose which increases back strength and decreases back discomfort.

Cobra Pose

RESOURCES: Yoga Journal, January 2012 issue;And Cheryl Hitchcock, D.S.W., A.D.C., C.A.C.C.F. is a certified life and spiritual coach and clinical counselor from Toronto, Canada.

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