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Yoga For Back Pain

Hello and welcome everyone.

I enjoy sharing what I am learning with my yoga practice. If yoga resonates with you then no matter what your activity level is or what physical issue you have or what age you are, there is a yoga practice for each of us.

There is research showing how yoga poses and/or a meditation yoga practice can improve mobility or movement, and increase energy and positive thinking.

Yoga for back pain is a very useful tool to reduce back pain and increase your core strength.

Yoga has been demonstrated to reduce blood pressure and assist in relieving pain such as arthritic and back pain, for just two examples of the many benefits of a yoga practice.

We hear over and over again how important it is for us to have a strong “core” or center. The core involves all of our abdominal and especially lower back muscles.

As our core becomes stronger other muscles also work better for us.

One is the plank pose and one is the cobra pose. The plank pose has a term for being a “powerful pose for all-over toning.”

We are all at different levels and that is perfectly acceptable. If you are a beginner or have physical limitations, be kind, understanding, and loving of yourself.

Try not to be judgmental and give up, but give yourself a complement and keep practicing--it just takes a few minutes to get started.

Consistent yoga for back pain is very beneficial for your natural health.

See the links below for a video of the 2 yoga poses:

Cobra Yoga Pose

Plank Yoga Pose

Cobra Yoga Pose

Here is another website and link with detailed instructions and video guide for a series of yoga poses.

These may be very helpful for the beginner or for someone who may have physical limitations for increasing back strength and decreasing back discomfort.

Click on Poses and Workouts, scroll down to Yoga for Back Pain. The series are: 1. Yoga for Back Health; 2. Basic Flexibility for pain prevention; 3. Hip work for a balanced back.

Please feel free to share any comments or feedback.



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